About Me


My name is Rick Loscar.

I grew up in the desert of Arizona until I reached the age of 16 at which time my parents moved our whole family to Oregon.

My mom and dad along with my 3 brothers and sister (me being the oldest), were now in an area that was far different from the desert surroundings that we were accustomed to.

Throughout the years I had taken on many different types of jobs from being a dishwasher in a restaurant, working in plywood and lumber mills, residential and commercial construction, truckdriver, dispatcher for a few different trucking companies.

Now I am retired and receiving Social Security.

After retirement I decided that I wanted to travel within the U.S. so I purchased a 24 foot motor-home and spent the winter of 2018 in Arizona because I was familiar with the desert and in the winter time, the temperatures are much warmer than they were in Oregon.

It didn’t take very long before I realized that traveling was very expensive and being on Social Security, well, just wasn’t going to cut it because I was only receiving a small amount of money each month and it certainly was not enough to get me very far in my travels and so I needed to figure out how I would be able to generate another income in order to continue with my dream of traveling.

So I began to look at my options and thought, “If I could find an opportunity on the internet that would provide an extra income and it was something that I could do and travel at the same time then that would be a win win situation. So I opened up my computer and started looking around to see if I could find a solution to my financial dilemma.

There were so many so called “great” opportunities, at least I thought they were at the time.

But in doing my research I discovered that most of what I was discovering were programs that sounded good on the surface, but after checking them out a bit closer it was more of a case of me giving up what little money I had to someone who was out to get rich at my expense.

I remember the disappointment and frustration that I was experiencing in not finding anything that may take me in the direction that I wanted to go.

So the results of my research into finding a solid opportunity to create an income on the internet had left a bad taste in my mouth.

All I was finding was a bunch of  scams and empty promises of getting rich quick.

I was being lied to!!

But I was not going to quit trying to find what I was looking for.

My search had finally led me to an article about a guy who had started his own business about 10 years ago in Internet Marketing and had tremendous success in implementing a step by step process, a road map you might say, of how I might be able to fulfill my desire to obtain my dream life.

The man who I have mentioned is Dean Holland.

He is the founder of his company called Internet Profits and has had tremendous success in helping others, like myself, to become successful.

He is also what I consider my mentor in showing me and guiding me through the steps necessary to not only building and maintaining my own Internet business but how to be successful as a result!!

There were no claims of getting rich quick.

No empty promises.

Just a straight forward process that would enable me to fulfill my goals and live the life that I desired.

So in joining Dean and his team as a Certified Partner I am now on my way to becoming a successful Affiliate Marketer and Business Owner.

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