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A Beginners Guide To Making Money Online


Why Make Money Online?

Computers have been an inherent part of our lives

for many years now. Most people use them or have

access to them and they are widely used for many


The Internet is also something that has become, not

just a way of life for many people, but an

indispensable tool that, as each year passes by,

becomes more and more integrated with so many

aspects of our lives and, in many ways, something

that many of us depend on enormously.

In recent years we have also seen a huge increase in

the use of mobile devices. It seems that, to some                                                                             

degree or other, almost everyone makes use of a

mobile device such as a mobile phone, tablet or

smart watch.

When you have something that is so widely used, so

heavily integrated in our lives and so accessible,

naturally the question of monetization is raised.

If you’re reading this then the phrase “How to make

money online” or something similar is one that you

yourself have likely typed into a search engine, or

have seen other people refer to.

The question of how to make money online is one

that intrigues a lot of people.



Well, because, with so many people using the

Internet in one form or other and with it being such

an open, accessible and, mostly, easy platform to

use, it makes it an incredibly even playing field, so to



Just a relatively short time ago, if you wanted to

have a real shot at building a solid, sustainable

business then you would either have to be sitting on

a unique idea that was marketable or you would

have to invest a lot of money to get a business up

and running, as well as put in a lot of time in

learning the necessary skills and putting everything


These days, almost anyone can set up an online business

or, at the very least, make money online in

some form.

Exposing the Myth

It’s important to note and really grasp the truth that

even these days with starting online business, you

will still have to put in time and you will still have to

learn the appropriate skills. But, compared with a

traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business, the

overheads can be almost non-existent and, in most

cases, you will have a head-start in that the

foundations of your business will be based on

something that you are already extremely familiar

with and likely using on a daily basis.

This is what makes the prospect of making money

online an extremely attractive one for many people.

However, along with this, comes a danger, one that

has been exploited by people for many years and is

still the case today:                                                                 

With computers and the Internet being more

accessible than ever before and with them being so

heavily integrated in our lives, it’s easy to have the

impression that, just as with so many other things

online these days, making money is push-button

simple. And it’s this view that is exploited by many

so-called ‘gurus’ online.

Now, I’m going to tell you something here that many

won’t tell you and won’t want me to tell you.

Why not?

Because it completely undermines their laziness and


Let me emphasize this in one, simple sentence:

Overnight, push-button riches without work do not


Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and

there can be freak occasions when someone, for

want of a better way of putting it, gets lucky. But

generally, you cannot expect to get rich overnight

through doing nothing other than simply pushing a


Let that sink in for a moment.

I’ll say it again – overnight, push-button riches

without work do not exist!!

However, this doesn’t stop people wishing for it.

After all, we would all like that, right? And it’s that

desire that the more unscrupulous people online

know all too well. And they will stop at almost

nothing to line their pockets at your expense.

What I want for you is for you to appreciate and

achieve two things:                   

1) Being dishonest, making unreal promises and

exploiting people is not the way to run any kind of

business, online or otherwise. I do not want you to

fall into the trap of joining the ranks of those who do


2) The Internet has been saturated for many years

with this kind of dishonesty which, unfortunately,

has given the idea of making money online a bad

rap. In some ways, it’s become a phrase that’s

tainted with scepticism and even frowned upon.

I get that.

But, here’s the important truth:

Some people will go so far as to say that making

money online is not possible and that anyone

claiming it is a scammer and anyone who claims that

they are doing so is either doing it through

scamming others or is simply lying.


People who come out with such nonsense are

coming from a very bad place and might even feel

that they are doing some kind of public service by

saying such things. But they are wrong, plain and


Making money online legitimately is not only                   

possible, but it’s something that is being done by

many people on a daily basis. The Internet is simply

a vehicle that facilitates this, just like anything else.

Let me try to help you to put this into the correct

perspective. Think of these following well-known











I could go on and on listing further examples, but

hopefully you get the point. All the brands that I

listed above are online-based and most of them offer

exclusively online products and services.

Is anyone going to suggest that they are scammers,

are lying or are, in some way or another, unqualified to

make claims of having an online business that is

making money? Believe it or not, there are people

who make such silly claims, but it isn’t worth even

giving those people any attention.

The bottom line is that many business and

individuals are making money online legitimately,

consistently and doing so extremely well.

Two Powerful Words for Success!

Bearing in mind all that we considered previously,

there is a trap that so many people are still falling

into. Again, this is something that is known to the

unscrupulous and they are constantly exploiting

people to lure them into this trap.

What is the trap?

It’s the idea that you can get rich by buying into and

getting involved with some kind of ‘system’.

Now, let’s get something straight here. There’s

nothing wrong at all with having a system in your

business. A system that works can make the

difference between success and failure.

But the problem is when people look to some kind of

ambiguous ‘system’ to do all the work for them.

They expect to just buy into something and then,

somehow, the ‘system’ magically churns out money.

Please don’t be fooled!

These kind of ‘systems’ are usually pipe-dreams and

are even sometimes based on illegal practices.

Again, there is nothing wrong with buying into

something that employs a legitimate, working,

proven system in order to generate sales and make

money. But in order for this to work, there is another

important truth. This is something that is so obvious

for success that you might not have even considered

it before:

Sell something!

That’s it.

Think about it…

In order for a business to make money, it has to


1) Something for sale.

2) A market.

With those two things, the only thing remaining is to

make sales.

I appreciate that this is simplifying things

tremendously and there are many other factors

involved but, at the base level, that’s all that’s

required to actually sell something and make a sale.

And once you grasp that, it can help you to have a

whole new outlook towards making money online.

So, what does this mean for you?

It means that you have to have a product(s) or

service(s) for sale and a market that wants to buy

what you have to offer.

Forget about wasting your time looking for pushbutton

systems. Anything that promises riches

without work should ring alarm bells loudly for you.

An online business is no different than any other

kind of business in this most basic manner. That you

need to have something for sale and sell it.

Obvious, right?

Yet, this obvious truth is one that gets obscured by

the mistaken view that just because something is on

the Internet, it can somehow make you rich

overnight on autopilot without you doing any work.

And let me just say that yes, money CAN be made

very quickly and you can start, run and build a

business online considerably faster and easier than

many, shall we say ‘traditional’, offline businesses.

But the truth of the matter is that those two words

must be at the foundation of everything you do.

Sell something!

What Can You Sell?                         

This could be the subject all on its own. But I will

attempt to give you a few options to consider.

eBay – If you can source a supply of things that

people need/want and sell them at a profit, then

eBay is a good place to start. This might require

more ‘hands on’ work, as you’ll probably have to

handle and ship goods. But selling on eBay involves

a very easy learning curve and might not need you

to do anything else other than source an in-demand

product, list it, sell it and ship it.

Amazon – Amazon is an extremely versatile

platform. As with eBay, you can source products and

then sell them directly using the platform. If you are

someone who has valuable, actionable and in demand

information, you are even able to publish

your own books and videos through Amazon.

Additionally, you are able to sell digital content, such

as mobile apps and e-books.

Fiverr – If you’re someone who has a skill or skills

that you can sell as a service, then Fiverr is a great

place to start making some money by selling those


Create your own digital downloadable products –

This is not going to be for everyone who

is just getting started, however it can be one of the

best ways to establish yourself, make a name for

yourself and be known as an authority in your

chosen niche. What would be needed to get started

with this?

First of all, you need to choose a profitable niche.

Preferably this would also need to be something in

which you have an interest, as well as some existing

experience. If you don’t have experience, all is not

lost and we’ll cover why that is in a few moments.

You could create e-books, videos, MP3s, courses,

membership sites, graphics – basically, whatever

there is a market for and you are able to supply, you

can sell.

Now, what if you’re just getting started and,

although you might have an interest in your chosen

niche, you really don’t have any experience? Then

you could use something that is known as PLR, or

“Private Label Rights” content.

What this means is, you obtain the PLR license to

some particular content, which then gives you the

right (always check the license agreement for

specific details) to edit, rebrand and claim

authorship of the product as your own.

If you go down the PLR route then I would

recommend first going through the content to learn

from and apply, so that you then do indeed have the

experience in that chosen subject.

If you’re unable to do that from the PLR content that you have, then

that’s a likely a good indicator that the it isn’t of a

sufficiently high quality and you should probably

ditch it. You should always be able to learn from

good PLR content.

Affiliate products –

There are many good products online that you can be an affiliate for. You would

need to pick a good quality product from a trusted

vendor, get approval to promote the product and

then promote it. Ways of doing this would be to your

e-mail list (if you have one), on your social media

channels, via videos on places like YouTube, or your


To go down this route you would likely want your

own website, which would require you to purchase a

domain name and hosting. To have a mailing list

then you would need to have some kind of mailing

service (often referred to as an autoresponder),

which would then require you to follow up with the

leads on your mailing list.

Some good places to source products as an affiliate

are JVZoo, Warrior Plus and Clickbank.

Many of the services that you may already use might

have their own affiliate programs, so it’s worth

checking that out. Think of things like your domain

name registrar, your hosting company or your

autoresponder. These are services that are

evergreen, in other words people will always want


So if you can get your leads to purchase via

your affiliate links, you will get commissions. But it

requires you to be ‘commission aware’, so be careful

not to overlook any services that you might currently

be using, but not yet an affiliate for.

On your own website you could have your own

pages where you showcase your content, you could

have a blog and you could have your own lead/capture

pages where you would give away a

valuable free gift in exchange for the person’s e-mail


Once the person is on your mailing list you

can then give them further value and build your

relationship with them, as well as promotions for

products and services for which you are an affiliate.

“But, What if I Don’t Have Anything to Sell?

It’s here where many people get stuck.

Even if you’re good at building websites, you have no

problem with the technical things and can handle

the hands-on stuff without a problem, the act of

deciding on what you can sell, where to sell it and

how to sell it could be something that cripples you.

The “how” comes down to marketing, which is a

whole other subject and depends on what you’re

selling, the strategy you’re using, your

circumstances, your positioning and so on.

This is something that you can learn as you go. The main

thing is to get started.

What about the “where”?

Again, this will largely depend on the points mentioned regarding the

“how”. You might need your own website, you might


You might need to invest in some form of paid

advertising, you might not.

You might sell on a third party

website, you might not.

The “where” will, at least to some degree, depend on

the “what” and, as mentioned previously, your

circumstances. For example, if you’re selling your

own stuff then you will likely either need your own

website or a third-party marketplace of some kind.

Whereas, if you’re selling offers as an affiliate, then

you wouldn’t sell those on something like Fiverr, for


If you’re not yet in the position whereby you have

your own products or services to sell, then the

likelihood is that you will be looking at the affiliate

marketing model.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get started with

making money on the Internet, as you don’t need

your own products, you only need to do minimal

technical stuff and it’s an extremely easy mode of


(you can find more information on this by going HERE )

The problem with affiliate marketing, though, is it

isn’t what it once was!

Although it still works and you can still make money doing it, if you want any kind

of consistent, sizeable income, unless you have the

resources to really ramp things up, as a newbie you

might struggle to gain traction.

Now, this isn’t meant to discourage you or put you

off, I simply believe that it’s best to be open and

honest about these things, as there’s too much

‘smoke and mirrors’ online and too many people

would rather skate around these important issues

and not tell you the truth outright.

There is another solution, though, that I think you

might find interesting and if you’re someone who is

looking to get started online, currently has no

experience or products of their own, but is prepared

to learn and to put in the required effort to make

stuff happen, then this is something that, I believe,

could prove to be hugely beneficial for you.

It’s a free book that has been written by my friend                       

and mentor, Dean Holland. It’s called the “Affiliate

Marketers Playbook” and you can grab your free

copy by clicking here.

In this book, you will learn why the affiliate

marketing model no longer works as it used to and

what you can do about it.

As I mentioned, affiliate marketing still works and it’s

still a great way to get started online. But if you’re

looking for something that gives you a more solid,

consistent income then you will want to check out

this book.

In Conclusion,

I really hope that you have enjoyed the information

that I have presented to you here and that you have

found it useful.

The key to having any kind of success is to TAKE


The key action in making money online hinges on

those two, most important words I mentioned earlier.

Do you remember what they are?

Sell something!

So, in summary:

1) Choose a niche

2) Identify a hungry market (this and point 1 are

closely linked)

3) Establish what it is that you are going to sell

4) Decide on where you are going to sell it

5) Sell it!

There are many more components to a fully functioning

business machine that we simply don’t

have the time to go over sufficiently in this short


But if you would like to learn more about how to get

started online and would like to contact me for

further assistance, please feel free to contact me HERE.

In the meantime, don’t forget to secure your copy of

Dean’s free Affiliate Marketers Playbook,  and I look

forward to hearing from you soon!

To your success!

Rick Loscar




New Beginning


New Beginning

Hello – thanks for dropping by.Rick Loscar

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Rick Loscar , and although you may have never heard of me before…….you will.

My story begins as a young man growing up in the Arizona desert.

I had 3 brothers and a sister and I was the oldest, so I had seniority over my siblings (which I used to my advantage as much as I could)

We grew up in what you might say was a lower middle class family.

My mom was a waitress and my dad had spent a short amount of time in the Air Force ( 4 years I believe ).

After that, him and his dad started their own house painting business.

It didn’t last a very long time because, come to find out, my dad was colored blind!

So if you wanted your house painted red it may have turned out to be more of a pink color instead.

Not very good for business!

Some time after that, dad went to a nearby college and took some business classes and went on to become a tax appraiser.

Mom had continued on as a waitress, and when I reached the age of 16, my parents packed up everything we had, and moved the whole family up to Oregon where my dad continued his career as an appraiser.

That was one of the worst days of my life!!

I Was Leaving The Desert!

Arizona was home to me.

I mean I had a girlfriend, all of my friends were there, and I was president of the Automotive Club at the high school I attended.

The desert was my home!!

I even had a pet horned toad that I had on a leash (his name was Buster).

I’d take him on walks with me sometimes (actually he was being dragged behind me because of his size).

This was my world that we were leaving!!!

When we arrived in Oregon, it was like a nightmare.

I had never seen so much snow….or felt this bone chilling cold before.

The people were much different in attitude and dress than what I was accustomed to.

It was like moving to another planet.

I hated it!!

But as time went on, actually a long time, I became more accustomed to my new surroundings and began meeting some of these aliens that I was living among.

I began to blend in and landing some jobs that were quite challenging.

Beginning with being a dish washer in a restaurant, and then becoming a breakfast cook in the same restaurant.

I then moved on to working in some lumber mills, to residential and commercial building construction, reforestation work, and a few other types of laborer jobs.

After that, i became a truck driver, which I did for about 25 years.

Now during the time that I began living in Oregon, there had been plenty of problems, that had an impact on my life.

For instance I was introduced to the world of drugs.

For many years I was a drug addict, an alcoholic, went through 2 failed marriages, and suffered the loss of many friends on account of the choices I had made.

Needless to say my life was a downward spiral that left a wake of destruction along the way.

The Opportunity That Is Changing My Life

However, through a series of fortunate events – my life has taken a turn for the better.               

I wanted more from my life than what it had become.

I was tired of failure.

I was tired of spinning my wheels and going nowhere.

Tired of being down and broke.

Tired of having no direction.

No purpose.

Sick and tired of waking up sick and tired!!

I wanted more for my life.

I wanted my life to be less stressful and more joyful.

To be at a place in my life where I didn’t have to worry about my financial future.

To do the things I wanted to do, like travel and have the freedom to enjoy those travels.

To feel better about myself and accomplish something positive for a change, like giving to my family the things that I have been unable to do, rather than be bogged down by worry and fear.

One day, not too long ago, I was on my computer just looking around at different stuff and I came across something that grabbed my attention.

It was an article written by a man by the name of Dean Holland.

It was actually a blog, about how he and his company, Internet Profits, could help me change my life and financial future!!

The more I checked it out, the more I discovered what a valuable gem this had turned out to be.

I was looking for a way to have a brighter future, and I had found what I was looking for.

He talked about his involvement in Affiliate Marketing/Online Marketing, and the importance of building relationships, and presenting value as the foundation of a successful business.

Online Marketing was something that sounded appealing, but I had no idea about ANY of it.

No clue what to do.

I had no experience doing anything like this before.

My curiosity kicked in, and I began checking this out even further.

I had the opportunity to enhance my life through positive relationships, value, gaining more confidence, and make money all at the same time!!


On top of that, I’d have a step by step blueprint of how to do it ALL??!!

  • It did not matter that I had no technical experience!                                                     

  • No knowledge of how to create a website!

  • No college degree! No business experience!

  • I wouldn’t have to “SELL” anything!

  • Coaching from successful 6 figure earners!

So I signed up, and it has been one of the best decisions I believe I have ever made!!

Now I have an understanding of how an Online Business is built and maintained.

I’ve learned not only what a “blog” is, but actually creating one of my own (which by the way is what you are reading now, my very first blog).

I’ve learned what “Affiliate Marketing” is and what it is not.

How to create “landing pages”, a website, branding, and other topics that I knew NOTHING about, and I have learned how money is actually made online, and much much more!!

I know how to do it now! And have some incredible resources available to use!

As well as that, i know that there is support around the clock which ensures that I do not have to figure all this out, on my own.

This journey is changing my life for the better in so many ways, not just financially, but in other ways too.

And let me tell you, I am not a genius, I am ordinary guy that has worked my ass off for MANY years, and with my past and all the things that I went through and with the confused brain that I had after going through all of the experiences that I had gone through, then believe me,  if I can become an Online Business owner, then I know you can do the same!!

And as I continue to move forward I would like to have you come along and follow me and see the progress that is taking place, not only in my life but my business as well.

I am going to document what I have learned and pass those finding on to you…. my accomplishments, what I am learning at the time, and to share with you the successes and failures that occur along the way.

So watch for me and stop on in and see what is going on. As you get to know me, I would like to get to know you as well. So please feel free to leave a comment down below and I will get back in touch with you as soon as I can.

There is more that I could say, and as time goes on I will, but right now I want you to do yourself a huge favor, and that is TAKE ACTION and get signed up and follow along and there will be some VALUABLE stuff that I am going to be sending your way.


One Quick Thing!!

Ask yourself this:

  • Am I happy with my current situation?

  • Do I want more for myself and my family?

  • Am I tired of being woke up by an annoying alarm clock every day?   

  • Am I sick of having to rob Peter to pay Paul all the time?

If this sounds like you, then do yourself a favor and find out how you can change your life NOW by clicking HERE  and receive some FREE, as in no charge, information on how YOU can achieve the life you have always dreamed about.

PS….Thank you again for dropping by. I would love to hear from you so if you would be so kind as to leave a comment in the comment box, then I would really like to know what you thought about my first blog or have questions about my business.

AND THERE IS MORE!! I would like to send you something , you just need to cover a small shipping and handling fee ( which is less than what many pay for a coffee at Starbucks). It is a book that has some valuable information that you are going to want to check out. So just click on the offer below and it will be shipped to you right away.

Till next time,